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EQMS Lite is simple ready to use free CRM software, to manage your business enquiries or leads in 3 easy steps i.e
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26 June 2014

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This tool is a simple CRM software package.

EQMS Lite is free CRM software for managing enquiries/leads in 3 easy steps. These are Enquiry, Follow up, Closure. This tool will help you manage each of these stages of progression of sales leads. This product is addressed to small businesses. You will be able to organize the sales process well and thereby increase growth. You are able to review complete sales process of your organization and make changes to optimize it. You will be able to review at a glance which products are selling well, best sources to generate leads, what happened during each follow up with a prospect and track the deals your organization has been able to win and which ones were lost altogether. Small businesses typically tend to manage this process in Excel, but that has problems of its own. The process is time consuming, not very secure at all and collating data is a major pain at best of times.

At the first stage, enquiries will come from many sources such as newspaper ads, Internet ads as well as cold calls. The details that come out of these enquiries need to be recorded so that follow ups can be done effectively. This information from leads let you analyze and track the product, or source that generates more leads/enquiries. Customer contact details can be organized for better follow up later. Using this product should not be a challenge to sales people. It would actually be easier with the well-organized information presentation. Details of follow ups such as how the follow-up was made and what transpired during the contact are important details for effective follow-up. Details of closure are recorded and let you analyze sales performance. This is a very good product.

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EQMS Lite CRM has been designed keeping in mind, the need of small business, to help them organize sales process and accelerate growth.
Typically Sales lead management involves 3 important stages, which are covered in EQMS Lite.
- Enquiry
- Follow-up
- Closure
You may receive enquiries from various sources such as Newspaper Advertisement, Internet Advertisement, Cold Call etc.
Proper Management of this lead information enables you to analyze and track the product, or source that generate more leads/enquiries.
It also helps you to store the customer contact details in an organized way, so that it is easily available whenever needed.
Capturing of information is essential to convert a potential customer into a buyer.
Most of the deals are lost to competitors due to less follow-up or over follow-ups.
Proper management of follow-up information prevents leads, from going cold.
EQMS Lite enables you to record the complete details of follow-up such as mode of follow-up if it is phone, email or a personal visit and so on, date and time of follow-up, brief about the communication done and the next follow-up details.
It also provides you the entire history of lead follow-up in a single glance.
Responding quickly to prospects increase the chances of winning the deal. Moreover recording follow-up details provides the history of communication done with the prospect.
After series of follow-up the lead is moved to the final stage that is closure.
Managing closure details enables you monitor and track the overall sales performance.
In EQMS Lite you can track the status of lead/enquiry i.e. booked, lost or cancelled along with the status reason for winning or losing the deal.
Tracking closure details lets you analyze, overall sales performance such as leads/enquiries converted into sales, deals lost to the competitor or cancelled.
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